Traveling with the whole family is not always easy, especially in a country that you are not familiar with.
Angkor Family is a travel agency specialized in family travel to Cambodia. At Angkor Family we organize a holiday that can suit everyone well in the family.
Children, parents, grandparents, everyone will be able to have fun and relax at the same time.
We will arrange all aspects of your holiday in Cambodia according to each member's needs and desires.
We use our expertise in Cambodia to organize different events and stays that can suit everyone well and develop Cambodia tourism.
Family travel requires much preparation, a lot of time and energy, but our goal is to simplify your life. We will take care of every little detail to ensure that this holiday will be something for everyone!
Whether at the beach or in the jungle, we guarantee you a memorable stay on all aspects. All our packages and “coups de Coeur” we are offering can of course be changed and personalized for you.
Angkor Family is a team of passionate people located in Cambodia aiming to offer you the most beautiful family trip imaginable We, the Angkor family team only want to share our love of Cambodia with the rest of the world.




Discover our children packages


What more you can ask as a parent than knowing your children safe while they are having fun?! Well, Angkor Family is trying to think of all aspects of your trip. Of course, spending some memorable moments with your children is important but we all agree that sometimes, parents will need to relax on their own and spend some time as a couple. Find here all the options and suggestions for your kids that are possible to do in Cambodia.




Discover our Parents Packages


Because holidays are made for everyone in the family, we suggest different activities and packages to spend some time as a couple. We truly believe that it is important to retreat yourself a little bit even if you are travelling with children and grandparents.




Discover our Seniors Packages


We understand that it his heat in Cambodia, it could be difficult to travel as seniors. We will do our best to organize each day of your trip according to your wishes, requests and needs.

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